Museum of Childhood

42 High Street, Royal Mile

Described as ‘the noisiest museum in the world’. the Museum of Childhood is a favourite with adults and children alike. It is a treasure house, crammed full of objects telling of childhood, past and present

The museum opened in 1955, the brainchild of town councillor Patrick Murray, and was the first museum in the world to specialise in the history of childhood.

There are toys and games of all kinds from many parts of the world, ranging from dolls and teddy bears to train sets and tricycles. Listen to the children chanting multiplication tables in the 1930s schoolroom. Watch the street games of Edinburgh children of the 1950s, and find out how children have been brought up, dressed and educated in decades gone by.

The Museum of childhood organises a regular programme of temporary exhibitions and events. So there is always something new for you to see and do!