23 March - 8 September 2002

City Art Centre,
2 Market Street, Edinburgh


The Art of Star Wars is continuing to set records at Edinburgh's City Art Centre. As of Sunday 25 August more than 121,000 visitors have seen the hit exhibition. To date the Edinburgh audience has outstripped the totals achieved in Bradford and Helsinki, and is fast approaching the 135,000 figure achieved at London's Barbican Centre. Can we overtake it by Sunday 8 September? Watch this space!


Due to other exhibition commitments at the City Art Centre, The Art of Star Wars must close on Sunday 8th September. So don't delay, visit today!

Global Exclusive for Edinburgh

To coincide with the world-wide premier of the new Star Wars movie, Episode II: Attack of the Clones, more than 40 new exhibits used in the production will be unveiled at The Art of Star Wars exhibition , at Edinburgh's City Art Centre in Friday 17 May.

The new exhibits consist of 32 drawings and paintings and 8 exquisite, three-dimensional, models of characters, creatures and space craft.

The drawings include spectacular digital paintings of the grotesque Geonosis Execution Arena which doubles as a battlefield on which Jedi, Genosians, battle droids and clone troopers clash in a spectacular martial finale.

The models include an

  • Acklay - a ferocious , bright-blue, six-legged, lizard-like monster from the Genosian Execution Area.
  • An example of the Republican Attack ships in which Master Yoda leads a clone army to the assistance of Anakin and Obi-Wan Kenobi.
  • Inhabitants of the rain and wind-lashed planet of Kamino, expert in the process of cloning.
  • An exquisitely detailed miniature of Zam Wesell, the beautiful assassin hired by Jango Fett to kill Senator Padme Amidala

The Art of Star Wars has been seen in London, Bradford and Helsinki, but the Edinburgh show is the first to include genuine production objects direct from the sets of Episode II .
The Saga continues!



THE ART OF STAR WARS exhibition goes behind the scenes to reveal the various creative stands which have combined to create the world of the Star Wars saga.

The section of the exhibition on CONCEPT DESIGN explores George Lucas' collaboration with artists to realise his vision. It features original conceptual drawings and production paintings by Ralph McQuarrie, known for their detailed depiction of the Star Wars universe, and paintings by Doug Chiang, who created a new visual landscape for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

Key MODELS from the films will be on display, including the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing Starfighter (both from the original Star Wars trilogy) and Anakin's Podracer from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace.

George Lucas' company, Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) has revolutionised the art of VISUAL EFFECTS with the Star Wars films. The exhibition looks at the collaboration betwen traditional artists and computer graphic artists to create dramatic characters and environments, tracing the development of the characters Jabba the Hutt and Jar Jar Binks from conceptual drawings and clay models to computer rendering and final CG (computer generated) image.

COSTUME DESIGN is a key element in the Star Wars story. A special section in the exhibition will will focus on the original Darth Vader and stormtrooper costumes. They will be shown in a dramatic environment incorporating lighting and sound effects. Unique conceptual drawings and costume designs by Ralph McQuarrie , Norman Reynolds and Joe Johnston will be contrasted with other original film costumes. These include Luke Skywalker's Jedi costume from Return of the Jedi and Princess Leia's Hoth costume in The Empire Strikes Back.

Among the highlights of the exhibition are the exquisite costumes designed for Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace by Edinburgh-trained Iain McCaig and Scot Tricia Biggar. The centrepiece will be two of Queen Amidala's elaborate gowns shown in tableaux with accompanying handmaidens gowns.

CREATURES AND CHARACTERS are vivid components in all the Star Wars films. Conceptual drawings by Ralph McQuarrie (the original trilogy) and Terryl Whitlach (The Phantom Menace) will be on display, along with clay models for creature characters such as Yoda.

The Droid characters C-3PO and R2-D2 are among the brightest stars in the Star Wars constellation. Original designs for these popular characters, by Ralph McQuarrie, and
full size droids are displayed alongside the battle droid designs for The Phantom Menace by Doug Chiang. Young visitors will be able to design their own droid on screen.

SOUND, whether it be composed music, sound effects or dialogue, sound has played an important part in the Star Wars films. Sound designer Ben Burt has been responsible for creating the unique Star Wars sound effects and lanaguages while John Williams has composed dramatic scores for all four films.

INTERACTION AND PARTICIPATION, for both adults and children, is an important part of the exhibition. It includes a trail for children and a dressing up area where visitors can try on a selection of creature chatacter masks. There are CD ROM, Internet and Star Wars games areas throughout the exhibition. The city's museums and galleries service is also organising a busy education and community programme to complement the Edinburgh show.


The Edinburgh showing of The Art of Star Wars exhibition represents a major investment by the City of Edinburgh Council and its Culture and Leisure Department. The success of the project, however, is underlined by the support given by a series of organisations.

The main Exhibition Sponsor is The Royal Bank of Scotland. Announcing the sponsorship, Ian Bell, Senior Manager for The Royal Bank of Scotland in Edinburgh, said:

" The Royal Bank is proud to be associated with enabling this collection to be enjoyed by the people of Edinburgh and the many thousands of Star Wars enthusiasts expected to come from as far a field as Aberdeen, the Highlands and Norethern Ireland."

Support has also been pledged by Scottish Enterprise, Edinburgh and Lothians, and Scotland's biggest selling Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Mail is the exhibition's media partner.

As of 1 February 2002, joint promotional campaigns have been agreed with Scottish Radio Holdings, Scotrail, Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board and Murray Motor Company.