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It Didn't Happen Here
Edinburgh's Links with the Transatlantic Slave Trade


Museum of Edinburgh
142 Canongate, Royal Mile. Tel: 0131 529 4143

  July 13th 2007 - 30 November 2007  

Two hundred years ago the House of Commons abolished “the detestable traffic in human flesh”, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. To mark this Bicentenary a special exhibition will run at the Museum of Edinburgh throughout the second half of 2007.

Edinburgh has many historic links with the slave trade and the exhibition demonstrates that “it did happen here” and that Edinburgh profited from the trade in human beings. It also recalls, however, that many of its residents were actively involved in the call for abolition and the eventual emancipation of slaves in 1838.

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pic: Edinburgh's Links with the Transatlantic Slave Trade