The EMI Education Pack

The changes in the National Curriculum have created a very real need in schools for support material which accurately reflects the revised teaching requirements.

It was EMI's aim to provide teachers who do not specialise in teaching music, with a pack which would both encourage and assist them in their instruction of music. EMI hope that this pack will help to improve young people's music knowledge and ensure music continues to be taught, performed and enjoyed in the future.

The 'Tune In' pack not only offers music education notes and class room activities but also provides a section on both Science and Art, Design and Technology relating to music. There is also a sample CD which accompanies the pack with over-20 tracks. The curriculum material has been written by teachers and educational specialists and trialled in schools.

This pack will be offered to over 26,000 schools through a direct marketing programme.

The pack has been designed and produced to have a life of 3 years and it is estimated that it will reach well over 1.5 million children.

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